Cyber Safety and Cyber Bullying


Cyber Smart

An online resource that has information on cyberbullying, protecting your online reputation, sexting, trolling, identity theft, offensive and illegal content and unwanted contact



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Below the Belt: Sex, Selfies and Cyberbullying

Victoria Legal Aid has launched a new Android phone app for young people called Below the belt: sex, selfies and cyberbullying. This innovative project delivers free legal information on the areas of age of consent, sexting and cyberbullying, and contains direct links to support agencies and organisations that offer free or low cost help. Below the belt is designed to help young people navigate these common issues and get help early if they have difficulties, to try to prevent legal problems escalating. Below the belt has more than information – the app’s built-in tools help young people learn about the law, support their friends, and work out where and how to get help. The below link directs you to the legal aid website where you can downloan the app:-