Initial Needs Identification

As a part of the Hobsons Bay Access and Service Coordination Project the Initial Need Identification Tool (INI Tool) will be developed for agencies and schools working with children and young people in Hobsons Bay. The purpose of the INI Tool is to support the agencies and schools undertaking INI to screen for health and social risk and determine the need for further action. In consultation with the young person, further action may include:

  • Provision of information
  • Referral to appropriate service
  • Assessment and service provision

The INI tool will be developed based on SCTT INI Tool and No Wrong Door INI Tool and consultations with a broad range of agencies and schools in Hobsons Bay. The INI Tool will help to gather information across various areas, building a broader picture around the young person’s presenting issue. Using the INI Tool will also mean that the young person will not have to repeat their story – a common barrier for young people accessing services.

In addition, the agreed principles and practices will be documented and a practice manual will be developed which will enable participating agencies and schools to incorporate this into business processes.


Youth Services Directory

The Youth Directory has been developed to support the INI process and to help identify support services that are available in the area of Hobsons Bay.

For more information visit Youth Services Directory.


Next steps

Thorough consultations have taken place over the last six months with a wide range of local education and service providers and young people in both Wyndham and Hobsons Bay. Based on the findings of these consultations, a draft Initial Needs Identification Tool is currently being developed by the Access and Service Coordination Project Officers. Once completed, this draft version of the tool will be circulated to service and education providers across both Wyndham and Hobsons Bay for feedback, before being amended and implemented for trial.

Alongside the development of the Initial Needs Identification Tool, short workshops will be provided in both Wyndham and Hobsons Bay as an introduction to Service Coordination. Stay tuned for more details.


More information

If you need more information about the Project or would like to be involved in the process of developing the Initial Need Identification Tool and protocol please contact Gail Jessen  Access & Service Coordination Project Officer  (Hobsons Bay City Council Youth Services) on 9932 4027  or email