Initial Needs Identification

There is currently a trial of the Initial Needs Indentification (INI) Tool and Protocol happening in Hobsons Bay and Wyndham

It is not too late for you to take part in the trial and help shape how the INI process will be embedded in the community. Please find all of the frequently asked questions about the trial below:

What is involved in the trial?

Being involved in the Access and Service Coordination Initial Needs Identification (INI) Tool and Protocol trial is as simple as registering your interest with your local Access and Service Coordination Project Officer. The trial involves following the INI Process Protocol for the trial duration, using the INI Tool with young people who come in contact with your school or service in need of support, and feeding back information about your experience of the process at the conclusion of the trial.

The INI tool can be downloaded here:

INI Tool
INI Tool
The Protocol can be downloaded here:

INI Protocol
INI Protocol

During the trial you will be able to collect brief data outlining how many times you have used the INI Tool using the feedback template, which can be downloaded here:

Multiple workers in your school or organisation may be involved in the trial, so we will also ask you to elect a key contact person from within your organisation who can liaise directly with the Project Officers.

Who should be involved?

Any community service or education provider who comes in direct contact with young people who are disengaged or at risk of disengagement from community, services or education within the City of Wyndham or Hobsons Bay. Staff involved in the trial should be qualified, and possess a broad understanding of the service system, advanced interviewing skills and high level interpersonal skills.

When does the trial start and end?

You can begin the trial as soon as you make contact with one of the Access and Service Coordination Project Officers to register your interest. They will ensure that you have received the appropriate documentation and links.

The trial will conclude on 4th October  2013.

What kind of support can workers access from the Access and Service Coordination Project Officers during the trial?  

The Project Officers will be available to support and assist you with anything you may need during the trial. Depending on the needs of your school or organisation this may include providing information to the rest of your team so that they can be involved, discussing the INI and Protocol and how they are to be used in more detail, supporting the implementation of the Tool for trial within your existing processes, or debriefing your experiences of the process.

In addition, an online learning module in Service Coordination can be accessed at

How much time do I need to spend being part of the trial?

The data collection template is very brief and will take up very little of your direct service provision time. In October all professionals involved in the trial will be invited to a local Forum where you will have the opportunity to share your experiences and recommendations in more detail.

Who do I contact for more information?

In Hobsons Bay:

Gail Jessen (03) 99324027

In Wyndham:

Johanna Parker (03) 8734 1355


The information on this page can be downloaded here:

Trial FAQ
Trial FAQ