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One of the key roles of beyondblue is to produce and refer people to accurate, up to date, easy to read information on depression, anxiety and related disorders



A popular interactive program that teaches cognitive-behaviour therapy skills for preventing and coping with depression. MoodGYM has been extensively researched and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in randomised controlled trials. Participation is free and anonymous. Suitable for all ages.



Raising sensitive issues and working to resolve problems that arise along the way can be challenging. It can also be hard as a parent to know the difference between normal behaviour, such as moodiness, irritability and withdrawal, and an emerging mental health problem. This section is designed to help parents and carers to:

  • talk to a young person about their problems
  • learn more about how to support young people
  • find information about where you can find the right help
  • and importantly, find support for yourself.

Find fact sheets and information and there are three great video clips

  • feeling sad, upset  down
  • worried, scared, stressed, panic
  • cutting, self harm


Understanding and Referring to eheadspace

eheadspace is an online counselling website designed to provide support to young people aged 12 -25 years through interactioins with trained clinicians. Available for free, it's anonymous and confidential, and offers a new way for young people to access mental health professionals online. youth ambassador Sophie interviews Carmen about the logic behind eheadspace and how professionals can use it effectively to support young people's mental health.


I need help for me

If you're 12 – 25, you can contact eheadspace if you need support or are worried about your mental health. eheadspace can help you deal with a broad range of issues like bullying, drug and alcohol issues, depression and anxiety, relationships, concerns about a friend, fitting in and isolation. read more about "help for me"

I need help for someone I'm worried about

If you're a parent or carer who is concerned about the mental health of a young person 12 – 25, you can contact eheadspace for specialist advice and support. read more about "help for someone I'm worried about"

I need help with work or study issues

If you're 12 – 25 and have issues or questions specifically relating to work or study. eheadspace specialists can help you to get back on track with your study, career, job and other advice relating to employment and education. read more about "help with work or study issues"



Anxiety On Line Therapies

Online CBT can be as effective as seeing a clinician for treatment. You can do online therapies on their own (see below for a list of recommended sites) or in conjunction with support from a therapist.

Online therapies

There are a number of self-help courses available including:

This Way Up (a collaboration between University of New South Wales and St Vincent's Hospital) provides online courses for people with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and agoraphobia, social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, major depression and mixed anxiety and depression. Research has shown 80 per cent of people who complete these courses report benefits.

MyCompass (BlackDog Institute) is a self-help tool promoting resilience and wellbeing. It contains modules that help you manage mild to moderate stress, anxiety and depression.

E-couch (Australian National University) is an self-help interactive program aimed at younger adults, it has modules on depression, generalised anxiety and worry, social anxiety, relationship breakdown, and loss and grief.

eCentreClinic (Centre for Emotional Health, Macquarie University) develops and tests state-of-the-art free online treatment courses for people with symptoms of worry, anxiety (including OCD and PTSD), stress, depression, low mood and other health conditions, including chronic pain.

More online treatment options for anxiety are available from the beyondblue website or the Australian Government's mindhealthconnect website


Medication can help people deal with the more debilitating symptoms of anxiety disorders. While medications do not necessarily address the underlying causes of anxiety and are not a long-term solution, they can be very beneficial – especially when the anxiety is severe, or psychological therapies have not helped.



Physical Health

Better Health Channel

Comprehensive, easy to understand health and medical information that is quality assured by the Victorian Government as well as information and guidance to assist parents in supporting young people through their teenage years. The Better Health Channel also acknowledges parenting challenges including dealing with family issues, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, sex and relationships.

A comprehensive Australian health site with free information that covers a wide variety of diseases and conditions, tests and treatments, health and fitness issues, medications, health support groups and more. Please note that myDr also has a section focused on mental health.